4th Alpine Winter Conference on Medicinal and Synthetic Chemistry

 St. Anton, Austria    January 28-February 1, 2024

How to get there?

St. Anton is in the heart of Europe, easily accessible from major airports (Zurich, Innsbruck, Munich) via train, bus or car transfer. All trains including express services stop in St. Anton.

The easiest ways to arrive in St. Anton are as follow:

From Zürich Airport

  • The “Railjet Express Train” between Zürich Main Station and St. Anton.
  • Several trains an hour link Zürich airport from Zürich Main Station.
  • Info & Booking: Here


  • A shuttle Bus “Arlberg Express International” directly between Zürich Airport and St. Anton leaves at scheduled time, depending on the day of arrival.
  • Upon arrival our buses will be ready to board at the bus station “Lane R” 30 minutes prior to departure. Please follow the signs “bus/coaches”.
  • Info, schedule & Booking: Here

From Innsbruck, Munich, Basel

The most convenient solution is to travel by train to St. Anton via Innsbruck (info here) and on the Austrian Railways website (info here).

General information on how to access St. Anton is available under this link.

Transfer from nearest airports

Innsbruck (ca. 100 km):
Car (ca 1 hour, motorway only)
Train (ca 2 hours via Innsbruck main station)
Bus (airport transfers see below)

Zurich (ca 200 km):
Car (ca 2 hours, motorway only)
Train (ca 3 hours via Zurich main station)
Bus (direct airport shuttle – see below)

Munich (ca 250 km):
Car (ca 3.5 hours – heavy traffic during peak times)
Train (ca 4 hours via Munich and Innsbruck main stations)

Euroairport (Basel, Freiburg, Mulhouse - ca 250 km)
Car (ca 3 hours – heavy traffic during peak times)
Train (ca 3,5 hours via Basel main station and Zurich main station)

Shuttle Bus Transfer to St. Anton am Arlberg

Taxi and Airport Shuttle Services

Travel by Train

See the specific page for more information on transfer by train, or travel by train from major cities in Austria & Germany.

Travel by Car

See the specific page for more information on how to arrive to St. Anton by car.